Zero Fox Given #1 / Liquid Story

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Untappd Rating: 3.81

Alkoholgehalt: 6.5 % vol.
IBU: 0.0
Brauerei: Liquid Story Brewing Co. (Braunschweig, NDS)
Style: IPA - International

Verfügbarkeit: 8 vorrätig

Produkt enthält: 440 ml

1,36  / 100 ml

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Zero Fox Given is the Liquid Story guys’ new playground for different hop varieties, combos and products. Each batch is brewed with the same malt note and fermented with the same strains of yeast. Same beer, different hops, different label. This is their answer to the emerging habit of only drinking a beer – even a great one – once. In episode #1: Citra Incognito, Columbus, Chinook Nectar in the whirlpool, and Citra (T90 & Spectrum) and Chinook Nectar dry hopping.

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