A Short Ride In A Time Machine / Atelier VRAI

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Brauerei: ATELIER VRAI (Heidelbach, Hessen)
Style: IPA - New Zealand

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Explain why it might be a good idea to take a short ride on a time machine?

“Taking a short trip back in time via a time machine, as a concept, is purely science fiction and it does not exist in reality. But let’s just pretend it does! The potential issues that could arise from the use of time machines are endless, but here are a few to consider:

Forgetting to pack sunscreen for your trip to ancient Egypt and getting a killer sunburn | Accidentally stepping on a butterfly and altering the course of history | Running into your own ancestors and getting into an awkward “you’re going to do what?” conversation | Getting stuck in the past and having to find a way back home (good luck with that) | The ultimate fashion faux pas: wearing ripped jeans to a medieval banquet | And last but not least, the potential for time-traveling shenanigans, like getting into a swordfight with a knight or sneaking a peek at tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers.

All in all, taking a short trip back in time sounds like a wild and hilarious ride, but let’s stick to time travel being in the realm of science fiction.”

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